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A VIP Conferencing service that’s a trusted extension of your team

Not all conference calls are the same

Added levels of security and resilience are required for calls involving senior executives or where sensitive, business critical or confidential information is to be discussed. These features come as standard in our VIP Conferencing service. All VIP customers are provided with a named contact from our VIP Service Team who will quickly be seen as a trusted extension of your own team. Their role is to provide you with the support needed to ensure that these important calls run smoothly and securely, and to advise you on the full range of solutions available for calls of this nature.

Security, resilience and traceability

Our VIP Conferencing service is used by Boards of Directors, CEOs and senior executives in some of the world’s leading organisations. It combines the convenience and simplicity of PIN access conferencing with additional levels of security, reliability and support to provide you with the assurance and peace of mind needed for these key conference calls.

  • VIP PIN codes are tested daily to ensure they are always working and available to be used; an email confirming the tests can be sent to your nominated VIP contact.
  • Where traditional Access PINS are 6 or 7 digits in length, your VIP PINs can be configured for up to 11 digits to drastically reduce the possibility of an uninvited caller entering your PIN by mistake and being connected to your call.
  • VIP conferences can be locked to prevent access when the required participants have joined, but can be opened again to allow an approved participant to join - perhaps at a particular point in the agenda, and then relocked to maintain this extra level of security.
  • Our Two-Tier PIN entry service provides even greater security and allows you to assign separate PIN codes to individual conference participants. Each Two-Tier PIN can only be used once and are not transferable thereby providing full traceability and transparency of use.
  • Conference Viewer is a web based application that enables you to view an active VIP call in real time on your PC. It shows when participants join and leave, who those participants are. This provides enormous benefits in terms of security, auditing and overall management of your VIP conference calls.
  • Working with your own AV or support Teams, a member of our VIP Service team will be assigned to monitor each VIP call and provide full duration support. They’ll advise you when participants join, the number they’ve dialled in from (where presented by the telephone network) and when they leave the call. This allows you to keep in touch with the progress of the meeting and ensure there are no unwanted listeners. Please note that the monitoring consists of visual checking of the VIP call on our system; we’re bound by NDAs, respect your privacy and the confidentiality of VIP calls so no audio monitoring is involved in this process.
  • Our VIP service is both flexible and responsive; immediate operator help is available throughout a nominated VIP’s call to provide whatever support – is needed perhaps dialling out to connect a guest speaker into the call.

Peace of mind conferencing

For totally reliable and secure conference calls, Incomm has established a proven track record for providing the highest quality service and specialist support to some of the world’s leading organisations and their key executives.