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The Event Call service that delivers excellence from start to finish

Better prepared for a better service

Client seminars and briefings, Town Halls, Roadshows, New Product Launches and other important Corporate Communications require careful planning and management to ensure that your key messages are delivered clearly and effectively. Our Event Call service is unique. It’s used by leading organisations across the globe and integrates into the lifecycle of your event, providing you with unrivalled support and service throughout your concept, planning, execution and evaluation activities.

Taking Event Call services to a new level

A highly skilled Incomm Event Manager will work with you at each stage to understand your key objectives and develop a totally bespoke conferencing solution to ensure they are met. Every element of the solution, from the music that participants hear when they dial in, to the words of introduction used by our operator, will be fully customised to your own unique requirements. They’ll also work closely with your chosen AV or Production partners as part of your overall delivery team and will continue to support you throughout all your events providing a consistency of approach and familiarity with your requirements unseen in other conferencing companies.

  • Our team can develop event registrations web portals that are consistent with your brand guidelines and capture participant data to use in managing participants or marketing and follow up activities.
  • Dial in numbers from our network of over 50 world-wide locations can carry welcome messages specific to your event.
  • Customised web conference pages or live webcasts can be created to add a visual element to your event.
  • Q and A sessions can be configured to cover all digital communication platforms including SMS, social media and mobile computing technologies thereby promoting increased audience interaction and allowing you to moderate questions before they are seen by presenters.
  • Real time access to our conference bridges shows the participants connected to your event and manage the order in which questions are taken.
  • Enhanced SMS and other communications technologies allow participant voting and feedback results to be presented instantaneously in graphical or tabular format.
  • We have developed a unique set of post-call reports to help you measure the overall effectiveness of your event which will be delivered to you within agreed timescales and deadlines.
  • Your Event Manager will be onsite with you throughout the event, working as part of your extended team to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Delivering the ultimate event solution

Incomm is different from other conferencing companies and nowhere is this difference in approach and quality more evident than in our event services. We provide fully bespoke solutions delivered to industry leading standards by dedicated and experienced people.